Anonymous case study

Some of our work at Carbon Orange is done in an under-the-radar white-label capacity, so we can’t shout about what we are up to and certainly can’t show it. There are confidentiality and trust issues that are crucial to uphold, something we are very used to when working as an extension of a team.

This means you won’t be aware of all we are up to, so here’s a brief anonymous summary of a project we’ve worked on recently.

The end client:

A business that provides a not very sexy but incredibly important service to their customers.

The problem:

They had a brand, but it wasn’t clearly defined. Legacy assets were hanging around that were still in use alongside newer ones. Consistency and clarity were lacking.

How we helped:

Evolved and refined the existing brand to provide

  • a logo that condensed what had gone before into a simpler, cleaner form, and from that a logo suite; all very recognisable from the old look, but with more confidence and distinctness
  • a colour palette that built on what they had previously but gave greater flexibility and with accessibility in mind
  • an easy to apply corporate font suite
  • a clear concise brand guideline document

Designed a set of templates to give uniformity across the board when producing

  • business cards
  • email signatures
  • social media posts
  • case study documents
  • presentations and proposals

The result:

Happy clients who

  • feel confident about their brand identity which now reflects their values, professionalism, and trusted reputation, and speaks to their target audience.
  • are building their brand’s recognition through a suite of assets and guidelines that ensure consistency
  • now save time and brain power with a one-stop resource hub to create their comms going forward.


Does this sound like something your business needs? Give us a shout and let’s chat about how we can help you!

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