Visual Notes

(aka “Communicating through visuals”)

We use our illustration, design and creative problem-solving skills to help companies communicate through visuals. Often that involves translating conversations in real-time for conferences, meetings and workshops on a large scale (Graphic recording) or small scale (Sketchnoting).

We listen, observe, process and capture your meeting in real time.

Sitting in on your online conference we create visual notes in a digital format that you will be able to share soon after the event has finished. If we are scribing live at your event, we can bring paper and pens to work old-school analogue style. We can use a whiteboard and Kaptivo whiteboard camera for instantly shareable images, or draw onto windows. Or build cardboard constructions and make towers of rich illustrations!

Audiences are kept engaged, participants can see they have been heard and that their contributions are valued. Show people what they have missed or provide a welcome reminder!

Well, we work on-site when it’s safe and practical, or remotely online. We’ve worked in Cambridge, London (at the Houses of Parliament!), Nottingham, Geneva, Boston MA…

We’ve worked with big brands, community organisations, and event companies. It could be a brainstorming session with a small group or a conference of 100s. Sometimes we are capturing the content from speakers, other times it might be participant contributions – or both!


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