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We created datasheets...

... Powerpoint decks for marketing support...

We completely overhauled Paragraf's existing website, refining the UX, styling, colours, fonts, and adding in animations...

Photography styling rules were established.

Every section of the website was worked into, to create something really lively and engaging.

...including icons for products and calls to action.

(homepage animation)

(battery mapping product demo)

(homepage animation)

(battery mapping product demo)

The client

Paragraf develop new technologies using graphene.

It’s a 1 atom thick (yes, what?) form of carbon with some extraordinary properties and potential applications. Really exciting stuff. 

Where we came in

Paragraf needed their brand to help communicate how cutting edge their technology is. They wanted to retain their existing logo and colours, but the rest was up for grabs, so we got to work developing the visual brand, bringing in pattern to run through designs.

We brought in the very talented Susie Hinchliffe to bring the design to life on a new website, incorporating her animation.

The result …

Elegant, clean design that clearly conveys the smartness of the tech.